What is Model United Nations

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“Successful people learn from past, work hardest in their present to live a future, they truly deserve.”

There is always a moment in the day when a person thinks about the future and MUN- Model United Nations is a platform where the future can be discussed and it is made sure that the future in which we have to live in, is as beautiful and practical as we want. MUN brings great advantages with itself, however, let put some light on what is MUN and what is done in a MUN.

What is MUN?

Hopefully, we all know about the UN, where there are different councils like WHO, UNICEF, UNDC, UN-WOMEN etc. Similarly, MUN consists of some of these councils and you can join in the area of your interest as a delegate. To explain what a delegate is, let’s take the example of the horse. We all know what a horse is capable of but there is always an eye patch at the sides of his eyes so that he doesn’t get distracted from his destination. Similarly, a delegate is someone who is capable of doing so much and MUN is that eye patch that makes sure that capability does not go in vain. Saying that being capable means just thinking about the change and acting on it, believe it or not, it is that simple. The next process includes research, drafting position papers, debating, draft resolution and many more little events, to explain this all let’s consider school. When you are in your school, you have so many subjects to study but you always have teachers and sometimes when you don’t understand what the teacher is saying, there are some friends who teach you. Likewise, MUN has experienced MUN delegates, Chair and support staff as teachers. Life is full of ups and downs and full of rewards. We got to know what MUN is like and how do we get through this. Now, let’s have a look on what are the rewards that come as a blessing.

While this was a basic outlook of MUN, let’s first see what great leaders have to say on diplomacy before we come to conclusion.

“We are living in a world of disquiet. A great many people fear getting trampled, thwarted, left behind. Machines take their jobs. Traffickers take their dignity. Demagogues take their rights. Warlords take their lives. Fossil fuels take their future.

And yet people believe in the spirit and ideas that bring us to this hall. They believe in the United Nations. But do they believe in us? Do they believe as leaders, we will put people first? Because we, the leaders, must deliver for we, the peoples.”

  • UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

Very well said by UN Secretary-General Antonia Guterres and it hits harder when we realize that we get to say things like this through MUN.


In conclusion, Model United Nation is the need of the hour and will always be as this is the only way through which youth can be aware of not only how they see this world but even how others see this. No matter who much you read about MUN, you will only believe in it when you will do the dare and be a part of it. Through these theories, you can always prepare a little beforehand and if you do then congrats you already have become a delegate as a delegate knows and understands it completely that only the present can make a better future. Last but not the least example, ‘MUN is like woollen clothes, to protect the naked world from the chills of damage, the world must adapt to woollen clothes to make sure to have a warm future.’

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