UYIMUN: My Unexpected Journey

UYIMUN (United Youth International Modern United Nations) is an international platform where one has freedom of word. I can’t express in words how much I yearned for being a part of the team. I was the first-timer and literally, I didn’t know anything about it. According to my experience, joining UYIMUN wasn’t only about debating and winning awards but also improved my public speaking, communication skills, confidence, teamwork, thoughts and views and most importantly, values! It was my best luck when Respected Iqra Mam, Secretary-General of UYIMUN and my Reverent Sr. Principal encouraged the students to take one step ahead from school competitions and get engaged in international competitions as well. I never expected that I would get the award for best Verbal Commendation. I was allotted to represent my own country “India” in WHO (World Health Organization) council. The journey started with some small sessions for the training of 2-2 hrs approx. with chairs, co-chairs and delegates of many other countries. We did at least 5-6 sessions. It was just the starting. 21st, 22nd and 23rd Jan 2022 were the days of competition. On 21st, we had an opening session of 2-3 hrs. Then, on the 22nd, we had more than 5 hrs of sessions with 6 committee sessions with 3 times coffee breaks in b/w. We had roll calls, GSL (General Speaking List), mod and unmod (Moderated and Unmoderated Caucus) on some topics and then the same repeated after each break. The next morning, 23rd, the session started at 8. It was of 3 hrs approx. and in the evening we had some cultural programmes and an award ceremony. And yes, I made it. Thanks to the Almighty, Sr. Principal, Iqra Mam and also the chairs and other delegates for the support. “Hard work never goes in vain”

UYIMUN made me more passionate about my goal. I am glad that my Sr.Principal believed in me and so I got the opportunity. My school, my teachers and my family always play a great role in all my small or big achievements. It was a great experience and an unforgettable journey—my heartiest gratitude to everyone.

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