“Keep your face towards the sunshine,

And shadows will fall behind you”.

I got an amazing opportunity to participate in United Youth International Model United Nations. I saw this chance as a gateway to broadening my perspective, learning things apart from my books and having a phenomenal experience. Indeed, my participation in UYIMUN proved to be extremely fruitful. It’s been full of learning, about the serious concerns of humankind, I even got acquainted with people from all over the globe and it explored the vast world of diplomats for me.

I look forward to participating in more such MUNs as it will furnish me with the floor of self-confidence, learning and building friendships from different parts of the world. My experience prompts me to suggest everyone has an idea and a burning desire and passionate efforts to materialize it.

The conference went on for three days- Grand Opening Ceremony, Insight Gaining Committee Sessions and a Cultural Closing Ceremony. The sessions have been pretty informative and became an experience never to forget. It was my first MUN and by God’s grace, I won the award of VERBAL COMMENDATION. It was indeed a joyful moment and I felt that the hard work day in and day out rewarded me with this spectacular recognition.

I am incredibly grateful to the Almighty, the most Beneficiary for furnishing me with this valuable chance. The pivotal role of the Secretary-General of UYIMUN Honorable Miss Iqra Shahid and her supportive Team deserves a lot of appreciation and regard.

I firmly believe that every individual possesses magic within himself. One should keep striving to make that magic happen, think out of the box, dream higher and believe in your potential. Your hard work will be seen in the most beautiful mosaic one day, there is just a need to come out of your comfort zone.

“Dreams make us wonder, dreams open possibilities, dreams make us believe in a better future”.

Thank you.

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