K-FEST - 'The One of its Own Kind'


The Korean Festival where UYILLP guarantees that the online event would be one of its own kind. Whether it is your love for K-Drama or you are an army of BTS, it just doesn’t matter as it is open and fair for all. If you sing, dance, sketch or are into fashion designing, this event is all about it. Along with some other competitions in which you have to choose, there is one thing compulsory to have: a love for Korean Culture!


  1. Battle of Idols

Are you the one who thinks that he or she knows all about their favourite Korean band or the K-Drama sector? Well, get yourself tested and win amazing rewards.

  1. Singing, Dancing, Poetry, Calligraphy, Digital art, Fashion Designing or Sketching

If you do any of the above, then all you have to do is submit an entry and qualify for the next round if the judges of the relative field find your work, really amazing. Don’t forget, whatever you do, it has to be related to Korean.

  1. Mr and Miss K-Fest 2022

The models! How can we forget you? Well, if you are into modelling and you love Korean Fashion style. You have to compete here because this competition is rare. 

  1. Show your Culture

Either you are Russian, Japanese, Indonesian, American, Indian or belong to any country of this world. You have the chance to represent your culture and your country and show the world why you are unique.


  1. Cash Rewards
  2. Chance to be the brand ambassador of next KFEST
  3. Appreciation International Certificate
  4. Socializing with people belonging to different countries
  5. Participation Certificate
  6. Social Media Recognition
  7. Exposure to Korean Culture

We do come along with a lot of perks and other awards as well but that doesn’t mean we have a limit, just like you don’t. So do the dare, unfold the layers of you, join the K-Fest that is one of its own kind through the link below and prove your loyalty to your favourite celebrity. If you have any other questions, our support staff will help you through our social media, and if you want to stay updated with UYI, our social media is the only way to do so!