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about us

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United Youth International is a registered organisation which focuses on international events like webinars, training sessions, volunteering programs and primarily huge events like Model United Nations (MUN) conferences. 

We are an international team, from multiple nations like Mauritius, India, Philippines, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Algeria. Our motto exudes fundamental principles targeting the youth in exploring their hidden talents, developing their creative skills, and reaching out to huge heights.

Why Are We Different?

United Youth International, where the language, cultures and ethnicity of the blended international team may differ but the same and true ethics are promised. In UYI beyond differences, similarities are found. Aiming towards MUN while fueling individuals with training sessions, workshops and youth empowerment, taking out the best version of you.

why UYI is different

Super Efficient

Deeply Commited

Highly Skilled

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